Moving to Luxembourg

When you are planning your international move to Luxembourg, you need to find a reputable international moving company. Here are some tips that will help you to identify and locate a reliable international moving company.

The reputation of the overseas moving company is of utmost importance, for which you can ask them for references. Check the third-party reviews on the website and you can get an idea of the quality of service.

Choose only a licensed company like Mover New York. It should have bonded warehouses as well. Once you have checked the credentials of the company, check out the groups that it is affiliated to or holds memberships. Well-known international moving companies are members of notable organizations of the industry, for example the Foreign Commerce Club of New York or the International Association of Movers.

To get a better idea of the working of the company visit the office of the company, instead of just communicating with them through their website or talking to their staff on the phone. Compare rates on the website, but it is better to opt for a slightly expensive company if it has a better reputation and offers more services than the others.

The documents required for customs entry into Luxembourg are passport, work permit, certificate of residence, customs declaration in French and Medical certificate. If you have a residence card, you can bring in used household goods and personal effects without paying any duty.

Alcoholic beverages and new furniture are levied duty. And some items like firearms, drugs, ammunition and articles derived from endangered species such as ivory are prohibited. A six-month old motor vehicle can be imported for personal use, but all documents must accompany it. Dogs and cats can be brought in as well with a valid health certificate, and require a medical examination when they reach Luxembourg.

Always consult the Consulate for the latest set of rules and regulations, because they change very often.

With Mover New York you know you are in reliable hands, thoroughly familiar and experienced with international moves to Luxembourg.

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