Moving to New Zealand

Since there is a vast choice of international moving companies, it is not easy to decide on the right one. For overseas moving, the company should not only be reliable, and recommended by somebody, but it should have a proper license, insurance and bonding. Mover New York would be a good choice for you because it provides excellent services and can meet all your requirements.

As you are planning an international move, all the way to distant New Zealand, your moving company should be able to help you with the various stages of the moving process. It should have a warehouse and should be able to provide you with details regarding the required moving services both in New York and your port of entry in New Zealand.

Also, get quotes from several companies before you make your choice. Don’t go in for the cheapest rate; compare the services that are offered, because you definitely need a trustworthy company to take care of your belongings from your home to your new destination.

There are some stringent laws with regard to customs clearance in New Zealand. The documents required for entry are your passport, resident visa, proof of residence and an inventory of the contents of cartons in detail. Besides you must show proof of your employment and transfer of funds in New Zealand.

When your belongings arrive in New Zealand it is imperative for you to be present to receive them. All household goods which are brought into the country for personal use are duty-free. But there are several dutiable items like alcohol, tobacco products, firearms and ammunition as well as radio transmitting equipment. Agricultural goods require a special inspection before they are imported. Some items like sharp instruments, drugs, some types of meat and pornographic material are totally banned from entering the country.

A motor vehicle for personal use can also be imported, provided it is not sold and has all the necessary documents. Entry of pets is totally prohibited in New Zealand.

There is a lot of information to remember, and much organization to take care of, but with the expert advice of Mover New York – you are not alone!

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