Moving to the Philippines from the USA

If you are planning on moving to the Philippines, you need to plan your overseas moving well in advance, because all procedures of shipping goods to Philippines is different from any other country. There are some rigid customs rules in the country and the packing required is also of a specific kind. Use specialist movers like Mover New York, who are also familiar with all the legal activities involved in overseas moving to Philippines.

A reliable moving company has ample knowledge about shipping to Philippines. Get your estimates from them, study them as per their service offers and whether all the requirements fit your budget. Packing, insurance and shipment is taken over by the shipment company, who divide your goods into delicate items, household items or furniture. International moving experts should handle your shipment at home as well as in the Philippines. Goods are delivered door-to-door and your agent in your new country must be familiar with all the customs regulations. Hence it is important for you to acquire a fair idea, so that you can understand the situation well.

The Philippines has some stringent customs regulations. The documents required are passport, residence visa as well as work permit. The customer has to be present when the consignment arrives with all the relevant documents. Used household goods and personal effects, as well as a vehicle for personal use are exempt from duty. The special permit for import of privately owned vehicles is issued only in the Philippines and involves an enormous amount of paperwork.

However, there are certain dutiable items like films, video tapes, medicines and telecommunication equipment. Prohibited items include narcotics, arms and ammunition, drugs, precious metal or large quantities of foodstuffs and clothing. Pets can be imported, especially dogs, cats and birds. There are restrictions and duty for all other animals.

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