Moving to Portugal from the USA

If you are moving to Portugal, it is important for you to find an international moving company which gives you the most reliable service. A thorough internet research is vital in order to make a choice. Mover New York is proud of its long experience in the international moving business.

The international moving company which you choose must have the appropriate licenses. It is even better if it has licensed and bonded warehouses for storing goods, in case you need storage space before or after moving to Portugal. Compare rates of several companies based on identical details.

The reputation of the company is important and you can check its referrals or references from past clients. A company like Mover New York will have reviews of previous clients about the company’s service on its website. But it is best to pay them a physical visit to have a look at their services. An overseas moving company which has industry connections and affiliations is advantageous for you.

The documents required for customs clearance in Portugal are passport; proof of residence and a declaration of ownership of goods .When the shipment arrives in Portugal, the customer must be present to receive it. The detailed inventory of the goods is checked along with the documents.

However, as per customs rules in Portugal, there are some dutiable and restricted items like antiques, wine and spirits and some household items including electrical appliances. Firearms, weapons, drugs and narcotics, pornographic material and gold bars are prohibited items.

Import of motor vehicles is permitted only if they are at least 6 months old. The duty and tax on cars is based on its make, model and engine size. All the documents must accompany the car.

Pets too can be brought into Portugal with a valid health certificate issued by a vet, which is not older than four months.

A professional and reliable moving company like Mover New York can provide you with all the vital details pertaining to the relocation process.

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