Moving to South Africa from the USA

For an overseas moving company, reputation is of utmost importance. Check out references from past clients, because that is the best way to be sure about the quality of service that they offer. The moving company must also have all its licenses which are required for shipping goods from one continent to another. Priding itself on its expertise and long years of experience, Mover New York would be the best choice for an international move to South Africa.

An overseas moving company must have a warehouse with secure and ample storage facilities. The storage space must have good security, be well-organized, so that your belongings are completely safe in their custody. It is best for you to go and check out their premises, instead of just phone and e-mail contact.

Moving to South Africa implies plenty of paperwork, which should be managed entirely by the moving company that you hire. When your consignment arrives in South Africa, there is a list of documents that are required for customs clearance of your belongings. Documents like your original passport, residence visa and residence permit, your work permit must be presented along with several customs forms.

During customs clearance the presence of the customer is often necessary. Personal effects and used household items are not levied any duty. Temporary residents and returning residents have different rules for duty-free import of their goods.

Some items like alcohol, new items and perfumes are applicable for duty, whereas items like drugs, narcotics, ammunition as well as plants, seeds and bulbs are not permitted. For motor vehicles the customs regulations differ according to four basic categories: immigrants, returning residents, temporary residents and foreign diplomats. Pets can be imported with specific health certification.

For more information about the ins and outs and dos and don'ts of your upcoming relocation to South Africa, contact the experts at Mover New York.

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