Moving to Switzerland

In order to find a reliable international moving company for your move to Switzerland, you need to conduct some research before making a choice. Compare the companies, in respect of their services, prices, agents and above all by referrals provided by former clients of the companies.

You could even look up the consumer review websites and check out the ratings that the customers have given. Also, it is a good idea to visit the physical office in your town to get a fair idea of the company’s services.

Also, the international moving company of your choice like Mover New York should be affiliated to certain key organizations related to the shipping industry. If they are members of organizations like the Foreign Commerce Club of New York, you can rely on them totally.

There is a list of ten documents required at the time of moving to Switzerland, and unless you carry them, it is not possible to enter the country. Documents include naturally a passport, a residence permit and a work permit, and also a property title in the new country. The inventory of your goods must be completed in four languages: English, German, French and Italian. The receipts, forms and declarations have to be completed in full.

For customs clearance of your goods, you must be present in Switzerland to receive all your household goods. If you have used your goods for more than six months, no duty will be charged. The same applies for wedding presents and inherited goods. But new items will be charged a duty and require a separate invoice. Large amounts of foodstuffs or alcohol are levied custom duty. Some prohibited items are drugs, narcotics, weapons, ammunition, anti-radar equipment and animal products. Your motor vehicle requires all its documents and is duty free for personal use. Pets like dogs, cats and birds are permitted with the necessary documents.

Experienced in international moves to many European countries, Mover New York will help you with all the large and small details of the relocation process.

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