Moving to Venezuela

When you have to undertake an overseas moving, choose your international mover with care. Begin with a research of overseas moving companies and then get quotes from them, so that you can compare services and costs in order to make a choice. Mover New York provides professional international moving services at affordable rates.

A detailed quote is what you require, but for that you must make a detailed inventory of your items. You should procure free quotes from at least five international moving companies. The quote will depend on the volume of the shipment.

Other services that you require like packing can also be included in the quote. If they could supply you with the packing material, you can do the packing. On the other hand, self-packed belongings cannot be included in the mover’s insurance policy. Hence, make sure that you get the insurance cover that you want.

Large furniture or delicate and heavy items like pianos, wine collections or any other sensitive equipment require special packaging and therefore special quotes.

Venezuela, like every country has its own set of customs regulations and therefore it is important to inform yourself about them from the Embassy or Consulate of Venezuela. It would be ideal for you to choose an international mover, like Mover New York, so that there are no hassles when your shipment arrives in Venezuela.

For cigars and alcoholic beverages there is a set limit. If your household goods and belongings are used, they can be imported duty-free. But anything that is new will be charged duty, and an invoice is necessary. New goods up to a value of $1000 are duty-free too. A special license is required for bringing in firearms and weapons.

No drugs, narcotics, pornographic materials and flammable items are permitted to be brought into Venezuela and the same applies for foodstuff like meat and vegetables.

For more information about international moves to Venezuela, contact Mover New York.

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