Long Distance Moving

As they exceed 100 miles (160 kilometers), long distance moves usually traverse state lines. A long distance move from New York and the Tri-State area can take you to a neighboring state or all the way to the west coast. Whatever your destination, our long distance moving services can get you and your goods there safely.

Whether you're relocating alone or with your family, and whether yours is a residential or commercial move, Mover New York is up to the challenge as your long distance moving company.
Contact us for a reliable, affordable long distance move.

Your Long Distance Mover

We at Mover New York specialize in long distance moving, and as such, we are equipped and trained to expertly carry out your move. Our fleet of modern, climate-controlled trucks and vans can ensure that even your most sensitive and valuable possessions will withstand any journey. And as a result of it's training, our highly-skilled professional team can carry your belongings safely along freeways and back roads.

You can determine the extent of our involvement in your moving process based on your financial and logistical considerations. We can pack, load, haul, unload, and unpack the contents of your home or office, or we can simply rent you a moving truck, if that's all that you need. Our long distance moving services can accommodate your every demand.

Authorized for Moving Long Distance

As a long distance mover authorized to transport shipments from New York to other states, we are licensed to operate by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). Since you will be moving across state lines, it's our duty as your long distance mover to provide you with FMCSA's booklet entitled “Your Rights And Responsibilities When You Move”. This informative booklet specifies your moving rights and gives you various information that will enable you to properly prepare for your move.

Long Distance Moving & Storage Solutions

You may wish to keep your valuables in storage either in New York or your new location. If you do avail of our storage solutions, remember that storage-in-transit regulations are not the same in New York as in other states. NYC storage-in-transit periods only last for 30 days, but these periods can reach up to 180 days elsewhere.

At the end of these initial periods, you can still keep your property in storage, but you will no longer be subject to our terms and conditions. Instead, you have to adhere to those of the warehouse where your goods are kept.

Long Distance Moving Costs

Whereas local moves are calculated on an hourly basis, long distance moving costs are based on other parameters. The distance to your destination and the weight and volume of your shipment will determine the cost of your move. If you want to know how much you're likely to spend before your departure, we can provide you with an estimate upon conducting an on-site inspection of your belongings.

Contact us if you have questions or concerns about moving long distance. We can tell you everything you need to know about long distance moving companies, services, and expenses, and can even offer you additional long distance moving tips.

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