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Are you moving to New York or from the Big Apple? If you are, then it's important that you relocate with a NYC mover who knows the city and the Tri-state area well. Your move must be organized by a New York carrier whose local expertise comes with unparalleled professionalism.

Whether you're returning from another country, moving across New York's state lines, or relocating to the heart of NYC, you must only avail of the best moving services, which we at Mover New York happen to provide.

NYC Moving Insurance, License, and Information

Your New York Mover of choice must be insured by the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) and licensed by the Commissioner of Transportation. While your mover should be able to prove its insurance and authorization with official documents, you can verify its claims directly by contacting the Department of Transportation.

Your New York moving company must also provide you with a copy of NYSDOT's “Summary of Information for Shippers of Household Goods”. This important booklet can tell you everything you need to know about moving, and should sufficiently prepare you for your upcoming move.

New York Moving Storage Services

If your new home isn't quite ready to accommodate your goods, you can avail of various storage services in New York. For an additional fee, your mover should be able to store your goods in NYC for 30 days or less, or up to 180 days outside the city. Once this period is up, your property will remain in storage, but you will no longer comply with the terms and conditions of your mover, but those of the facility in which your goods are stored.

With a New York mover who is thoroughly familiar with the rules and regulations of the city, your move to or from the Big Apple is sure to be a breeze. Mover New York has the experience and capability to successfully carry out your move. Contact us for more information or to avail of our extensive services.

With a New York mover who is thoroughly familiar with the rules and regulations of the city, relocating to and from the Big Apple is an easy ride.

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