Commercial Moving

What should you expect from a commercial moving company?

To begin with, you'll want to hire a mover whose work will not be too disruptive to your business, allowing it to run smoothly both in your old and new office locations. You'll want to ensure your mover has adequate moving boxes and packing supplies, designed to hold and carry your specific office equipment, as well as a modern fleet of moving trucks, which will provide ample protection for your belongings during the trip to your new business establishment. You'll want to find a mover who will not overcharge you, a mover who is punctual, organized and reliable. Mover New York offers you all these moving services - and then some.

Why should you consider Mover NYC for your next commercial move?

We plan ahead

Mover New York plans every move in advance. Knowing full well that when it comes to the business world, leaving things to the last minute could be detrimental, mover NYC organizes and determines the minutest details of the move well ahead of time. Moving company representatives will conduct a series of meetings with you and with those staff members in charge of the moving process. Your movers will use the meetings to thoroughly acquaint themselves with the premises, both at the old and new locations.

Preparing a detailed inventory of all office supplies and equipment intended for shipment will enable the movers to calculate the time and workforce that should be allocated for the job. In addition, an inventory will serve as a basis for the cost estimate provided by your mover.

Labeling your office equipment & supplies

Following the meetings and the on-site inspection, your mover will be able to employ the marking and tagging system as a means for facilitating the packing and unpacking process of your office: according to your office floor plan, all employees, work areas and items to be moved will be assigned numbers and color codes. Similar labels will be placed in your new location, thereby allowing your staff members to find their designated spaces and trace their respective boxes relatively quickly.

Packing your office

Your office is bound to include items and appliances that require special care during packing. Computers, faxes and copying machines are cases in point. Your NYC movers will disconnect and disassemble these and other appliances expertly and carefully. If you no longer possess the original containers of your electronic equipment, your movers will pack them in suitable boxes. All your office items will be hauled in your NYC mover's climate controlled, state-of-the-art moving trucks.

Commercial storage

Storage services are frequently required for office moves. If your new offices aren't quite ready yet, or if there are various items that there is simply no room for but that you cannot dispose of – storage is a practical and convenient solution. Based on your specific needs, you determine whether you require short-term or long-term storage services. For an additional fee, your NYC movers can help you out with all storage arrangements. Decide whether you would like to place your belongings in a local warehouse facility, operated by or affiliated with your moving company, or whether you wish to opt for a self-storage facility. Whatever your decision, your mover will direct you to a storage facility that is suitably equipped for holding your valuables, whether electronic appliances or important documents.

Liability & insurance

The liability coverage offered by your NYC mover will provide maximum protection for your belongings, and will be determined by you and your carrier before the bill of lading is signed. To further protect your valuables, it is imperative that you purchase additional insurance. Bear in mind that the insurance you acquire should cover all your valuables, be it equipment or confidential papers. Items placed in storage should also be properly insured.

Since commercial moves are frequently more convoluted than residential moves, and are typically greater in scope, your moving company must be particularly organized and efficient. Doing their utmost to ensure that you and your employees resume work in your new business establishment as soon as possible, NYC movers will you’re your commercial move a success.

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