Residential Moving

A house is not just the building we live in. It's our safe haven, a place we enjoy retreating to at the end of the day, and where our loved ones reside. Residential moving is therefore not just about transporting your belongings; it's an emotional process which affects the lives of all members of your family – pets included, of course. When you hire the services of a home moving company, you want to ensure it is someone you can trust, someone who will help you and your loved ones come through this trying experience unscathed.

A mover's reliability is determined by a variety of factors:

    To begin with, its high standards of service are attested to by its official license and insurance. To conduct moves within New York, a moving company should be licensed to operate by the New York State Department of Transportation, and by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) for interstate moves.
    Hire a mover whose cost estimate is based on an on-site inspection of your property, rather than on merely an online inventory of your household goods. Before deciding on a mover, ask for estimates from several companies and compare between the various house moving cost options offered to you. The mover's liability coverage should be established and agreed upon before any contracts are signed.
    Lastly, a professional and trustworthy mover should provide you with official documents recording the various aspects of the move; an order for service and a bill of lading are pertinent cases in point. The bill of lading in fact functions as a contract and as a receipt of your goods, and should be signed before your cargo is loaded and shipped off. With a mover who complies with these regulations and requirements, you can rest assured that your residential move is in good hands.

Home moving entails a great deal of packing. While hiring the packing services of your NYC mover is an option, you may, instead, opt to take your home packing task upon yourself. If you do, it is imperative that you learn how to pack properly, and thereby ensure that your household items are thoroughly protected and ready to withstand the journey ahead. Your NYC mover can provide you with helpful packing tips.

There are clearly some household items that cannot be packed. Vehicles are an obvious example. While you may simply drive your car if you are moving locally or across state, long distance and international moves require alternative moving solutions. To this end, you can hire an NYC moving company equipped to haul cars, or a mover specializing in auto transport.
Whatever household items you're shipping, purchasing adequate insurance is of the utmost importance. Your goods may be damaged or lost while in transit and you want to protect yourself as best as you can against such unfortunate accidents.

Disconnecting from domestic services such as gas and electricity is just one example of the many 'to-do' tasks which must be taken care of before you leave your house. Writing down these and other assignments in an organized moving checklist will ensure you do not forget any of them.

Before you move into your new place of residence, make sure all locks are replaced and that you're the only one with the keys to your new home. Call a local NYC locksmith to ensure a safe and smooth entrance to your new home

Leaving your home and settling in a new house do not have to be traumatic or daunting events. Your NYC mover will make sure your residential move is a success. Contact us for more tips and information.

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