How to Avoid the 4 most common Moving Mistakes

Moving is no picnic and can become a very daunting experience if no preparation is conducted before hand. Setting aside last minute moving processes that cannot be prepared for, all other moves should be planned for adequately if not only to lower paralyzing stress.

The following 4 most fatal residential moving mistakes that people make when skipping on valuable preparation should be avoided at all costs:

No Research
The number one mistake is failing to research the moving industry. Instead of contacting several moving companies and finding the best value for money services, people stay with the first movers they call up without getting a feel for reasonable moving rates. On some occasions the first movers you find may be licensed and trustworthy professionals, and other times they might turn out to be scam movers. Get a sense for reasonable moving prices against too high or too low rates. Scam movers will lure the customer into their trap be providing much too low moving estimates.

Last Minute Packing
The second most common mistake is delaying packing to the very last minute. We never fully comprehend how many items we accumulate in our homes until we start packing them up. With no time to rid belongings from unused or unwanted items, we staff articles into boxes without any helpful labeling or protection. Consequently some of the belongings get broken or damaged because of poor packing. Further still without labeling you prolong the unpacking phase as you open boxes in an attempt to find where you have packed what.

Mover New York recommends starting packing in advance and leaving time to purge belongings from unused or unwanted items. Labeling moving boxes will quicken your unpacking process profoundly.

Unforeseen Expenses
Without researching several moving companies and acquiring free moving quotes it is impossible to compose a realistic moving budget. Shop around for moving estimates to help you find good moving services that fit your budget. Formulate a realistic moving budget that includes total moving cost, temporary living expenses, and insurance.

Children and Pet Moving
Keeping space free of obstacles as the movers move your belongings and heavy furniture is essential. Navigating a grand piano around dogs, cats or children is a disaster waiting to happen. Hire babysitters or have a family member keep an eye on children and make sure they are safe while you are busy with the move. On the same token pets should be kept in kennels or in ventilated rooms while the movers are loading and unloading belongings.

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