Packing Paper

Lots of people recommend packing paper for moving, but you don't really understand why. How can something so simple (practically a common household item at that) be of so much help in the entire relocation process? What can these glorified pieces of paper do to aid your move?

Simple but Effective

Yes, they are simple moving tools. But these simple tools can do you a lot of good simply by serving their simple purpose: protection.

Much like bubble wrap, packaging paper – as it is also called – works by filling in the empty spaces in your boxes. This provides a soft, pliable cushion that your belongings can rub (or bump) against during shipping, shielding them from the rough contact typically associated with the vibrations of the moving van.

Aside from absorbing minor impact, packing papers can also prevent scratches and superficial damage if you use them to wrap your belongings. Because of their uses, these papers are often considered cheaper and more available alternatives to bubble wrap.

Your Packing Paper Provider

If you have a move planned in the near future, you're advised to invest in a few packing paper rolls. Dependable movers should be able to provide you with some of the best material available.

A common mistake that people make is thinking that any old pile of papers in the house can serve as packing paper. Month-old newspapers or old school handouts may be more cost-effective, but using them may come at the expense of ruining or damaging your valuables.

These papers aren't made of the same material as packing paper, so they aren't as durable. They're also loaded with ink which could squeeze out onto your stuff, which you should definitely try to avoid.

Call Mover New York after you have made your moving announcement and are about to begin packing. We can provide you with all the packing paper and packaging paper bags you need to insure the safety of your belongings.

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