Box Sealing Tape

There are several packing accessories you can't do without, but the most obviously necessary of them all (aside from moving boxes, that is) is box sealing tape.

Why so? There's probably no need to explain, but just so it's clear, packing tape is critical because nothing else can effectively seal our moving boxes and assure us of convenience, order, privacy, safety, and security, among many other benefits.

Sealing the Deal

How can something as trivial as packing tape offer us so much? Because while it is a simple tool with a simple function, it serves several monumental roles in residential moving.

For starters, packing tape makes loading and unloading boxes easier, since sealed boxes are easier to carry. Open or improperly sealed boxes are more of a hassle to lug around, as there is always the risk of dropping their contents – either off the top or through the bottom of the boxes.

Sealed boxes also ensure that everything you packed inside them remains inside for the duration of the trip. This assures you that nothing will be lost or left behind during the course of the move.

Thirdly, while packing tape allows you to keep your belongings inside their respective boxes, it also keeps foreign materials (dirt, dust, water, insects, or small animals) out.

Aside from the benefits above, box sealing tape gives you privacy by shielding your belongings from view. And more importantly, it grants you security, since anyone involved in the moving process (movers, neighbors, etc.) can't just steal any of your valuables that they find particularly appealing. While this isn't likely to happen if you choose to hire the best companies in the moving industry, it's always better to be safe than sorry.

Demand for Supply

It's due to all these reasons that packing tape has earned its place among the essential moving accessories. And luckily, it's not hard to come by. In fact, we at Mover New York can provide it for you. As packing tape is typically part of any mover's equipment, professional movers supply house moving tools like it without much fuss.

Call and ask us what you else you need for your move. We can supply you with every piece of moving equipment that should be on your moving checklist.

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