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When furniture pads are mentioned, even the novice mover immediately understands what they are for, and how important they must be to the moving process. Not so with moving blankets. Strange, considering that these blankets are very similar to furniture pads, and even more versatile.

Pads & Blankets

Moving blankets are often interchanged with furniture pads because they share many similarities. Like pads, these blankets protect your valuables from damages and blemishes that are all too common in the packing and shipping process. Nicks, scratches, dents, dirt, dust, and stains...all these can be prevented with the correct use of moving blankets.

But unlike furniture pads which are specially designed to shield specific pieces of furniture, moving blankets can safeguard almost anything and everything you own.

Rentals for Blankets and Supplies

Include these blankets in your list of moving supplies, and try to reserve all you need long before your home moving project gets underway. Outstanding local movers should be quick to supply you with them at reasonable costs. Mover New York, in particular, offers moving blanket rentals in addition to exemplary moving services.

It's highly recommended that you call your movers of choice when you need to acquire additional moving equipment as well. Our company boasts an impressive array of moving accessories for anyone who's moving home to New York or moving out of the city

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