After Moving

Congratulations! You've moved! Your shipment has arrived, and your new place of residence is beginning to look more and more like home. Before you and your family settle in, remember that there are a few additional steps that should be taken to complete the relocation process. Your New York Mover will be happy to give you tips about 'To-Do' items you should put down in your "After Moving Checklist".

  1. Shortly after you arrive at your new house, arrange to have your utilities connected and activated. Ideally, you should have your phone connected a day before you arrive.
  2. Now that you've moved, notify all your friends and family members of your new address. Notify the senders of your forwarded mail of your new contact details.
  3. Find out where the nearest emergency services are (police, fire stations, gas stations and hospitals).
  4. Find out where the local shopping centers are located.
  5. Visit and open accounts at your local bank, doctor's and dentist's clinics and local veterinarian. Remember to bring with you the relevant documents and records from your former service providers. Medical records (for yourself, your family and pets) are particularly important, and must be provided to your new caregivers.
  6. If you haven't done so already, enroll your children in new schools, and transfer their old school records.
  7. Have you relocated to another state? Contact the Department of Motor Vehicles and update your driver's license accordingly.
  8. Find a local insurance agent, and transfer your insurance policies to him or her.
  9. Acquaint yourself with your new neighborhood and with the city you've moved to. Find out where the cultural and entertainment centers are located.
  10. And most importantly: remember that your children and pets may have a hard time adjusting to the move. Do your best to comfort and encourage them, and make them understand that they've come home.

Any other questions about your "After Moving" tasks? Contact us, and we'll be happy to help you out.

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