Before Moving

An imperative part of every move, a moving checklist guides you through the entire moving and relocation process, ensuring that you do not overlook any important 'to-do' tasks, both in your old and new locations. A large part of the checklist should be devoted to the weeks and days preceding the actual move.

Indeed, there are several bureaucratic and administrative steps that should be taken before moving. Your NYC mover can provide you with helpful tips about the items which should be included in your moving checklist.

6-8 Weeks Before Moving Day:

  1. Starting out 6-8 weeks before the moving date will give you ample time to carefully work out and plan even the minutest details of the move.
  2. Decide which items you would like to transport to your new destination, and which items you would rather leave behind or dispose of altogether.
  3. Pick a moving company. Based on your needs and considerations, decide which services you would like your mover to provide: packing, loading, carrying and unloading, or simply hauling your goods to your new address. You may even consider renting a moving truck which you'll be driving yourself.
  4. If you opt to pack yourself, start accumulating adequate packing supplies, from boxes to sealing tape, bubble wrap and labels and markers. It is recommended to acquire all packing materials directly from your mover, as their boxes are bound to be strong and sturdy enough for even the most delicate items.
  5. Acquaint yourself with your new location. Numerous online tools enable you to compare between your current place of residence and the city you are moving to.
  6. Make the necessary travel arrangements for you and your family. If your move includes flights, make reservations at this time. If you are moving overseas, find out exactly which documents and official papers are required upon arrival.
  7. Obtain your personal records - from medical records (of all family members and pets!) to your children's school records. Make sure these records, as well as other important documents which need to be transferred to your new location, are not shipped off with the rest of your cargo, but rather remain with you at all times.

4-5 Weeks Before Moving Day:

  1. Attain a Change of Address form from your local post office, or download it from the postal service website. Provide your new address to official institutions, family and friends. To avoid bureaucratic hassle at a later stage, it is recommended that you notify all relevant entities only after your moving date is finalized.
  2. Ask your utility providers to disconnect and connect their services at your old and new locations, respectively.
  3. Make all necessary bank arrangements, namely closing your bank account in your current place of residence, canceling all automatic payments made directly through your account, and, if relevant, transferring your present account to your new bank.
  4. If yours is an interstate move, check the driver's license and auto registration requirements in your new destination.
  5. If applicable, talk to your mover about your storage needs and make the necessary arrangements.

3 Weeks Before Moving Day:

  1. If you are traveling with pets, take care of their travel arrangements as well, from booking pet friendly motels to making flight reservations. Make sure your pets receive all necessary shots and vaccinations before you leave. Your veterinarian should also provide you with your pet's official health certificate, which you will be required to present if moving to another state or to a different country.
  2. Make sure your valuable possessions – jewelry and important records and papers are cases in point – are accessible to you at all times.
  3. This is the time to return borrowed articles and to collect items that have been sent out for repair or cleaning.

2 Weeks Before Moving Day:

  1. Wrap up your packing. Make sure all your items are packed in suitable boxes, and that each box is clearly labeled and marked, explicitly stating what it contains. Ask your mover which articles cannot – for safety and security considerations – be shipped along with the rest of your cargo.
  2. Cancel daily deliveries (newspapers, etc.). If relevant, transfer your subscriptions to your new location.
  3. Clear out your safety deposit box.

1 Week Before Moving Day:

Finalize the various details of the move with your moving company, including pick-up and delivery dates, storage arrangements, liability coverage and the total cost of the move. Provide your contact details to your mover, so that he can reach you in the course of the move.

Make sure your personal valuable items are separated from the rest of the cargo, allowing you to carry them with you rather than ship them with the rest of your boxes.

If your shipment is expected to be delivered after you have already arrived in your new house, prepare a few bags or boxes with essential articles for the first few nights.

Disconnect and disassemble electronic equipment and appliances.

Collect all sets of spare keys and remote garage openers, to be handed over to the new residents or to your real estate agent.

Hire a home cleaning service or, if you’re up to it, clean on your own, and leave your house in spic and span condition before the new residents arrive.

One Day To Moving Day:

Make sure you have ample moving supplies, just in case you'll be required to repack some boxes or make last minute adjustments.

If you've rented a moving truck – pick it up from your mover or rental company.

Make sure all your documents – tickets, passports and visas, health certificates for you and your pets, driver's license and auto registration, etc. – are accessible to you and stored in a safe place.

With everything packed and ready, it's time to relax and gather your strength for the Big Day.

Contact your NYC mover for any other questions about the steps that should be taken before moving day.

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