Moving Day

Moving Day abounds with excitement. Its myriad events stay with you long after the relocation process is over. Granted, it can be a daunting experience, but your careful planning and organization, along with the expertise and efficiency of your NYC movers can make it a fun, memorable day.

There a few things you should take care of before you leave your place of residence. It might be useful to put them down in your moving checklist in advance, so you don't forget to do them.

So, what are your essential Moving Day tasks?

  • To begin with, arrange to stay with your NYC movers until the moving van has been loaded and is ready to leave. Your movers may have questions which only you, or a representative on your behalf, are able to answer, and someone should therefore be present until all boxes have been cleared away. If you have flights to catch, try to schedule them for later in the day.
  • Your house keys (including all sets of spare keys), your alarm codes and garage door openers should be handed over to the new owner or to your real estate agent.
  • Give your contact details to your mover, particularly phone numbers where you can be reached while your goods are in transit. Make sure you will be available at all times. If an agent affiliated with your NYC mover is expected to pick up your cargo in your destination point, make sure you have his contact information with you.
  • Your movers should have clear and straightforward directions to your new place of residence. If there are any physical or geographical constraints en route, inform your mover in advance. If possible, drive to your new destination a few days before the move, and acquaint yourself with the route, so that you'll be able to answer any of your mover's questions.
  • Before the moving truck is ready to go, you will be required to sign a few documents which your NYC mover will provide you. Make sure you read them carefully before signing them:
  1. Bill of Lading: Your moving contract. This important document should specify all moving details and technicalities, as agreed upon between you and your mover, namely, the total moving cost, the services to be rendered by your mover, and pick up and delivery dates.
  2. Inventory: Make sure each and every item of your shipment is mentioned in the inventory. Any numbers, labels or color codes which have been placed on your boxes should be indicated in the inventory, as well. Moreover, the inventory should explicitly state the condition of each of your shipped items. These specifications will come in handy if any damage is sustained to your goods while they are in transit, and you decide to file a complaint with your mover.

Remember: Don't sign any of these (and any other) documents before you review them thoroughly and are absolutely certain that you agree with the details included in them.

  • Make sure your most valuable belongings (i.e. jewelry, important documents) are with you at all times, and are not loaded onto the moving vehicle.
  • If you've packed a box or a bag with some essentials for the first few nights, ensure they are accessible to you.
  • Moving with pets? To make moving day easier for them, it is recommended that you confine them to one specific room or area in the house. You wouldn't want them to bolt out of the house in the midst of the hassle and confusion, nor would you want them to disrupt your movers while they are at work. Don't forget to check up on them and shower with them with affection and comforting words throughout the day.
  • Before your movers leave with your belongings, walk through your empty house and make sure no boxes or bags have been left behind.
  • Don't leave your house in a mess. Clean it as much as you can before your NYC movers arrive. Once it's clean, it will be easier for you to ensure that you haven't left anything behind, and it will certainly make the place much more welcoming for the new tenants.
  • If you have flights to catch to your new destination, make sure you arrive at the airport on time. If you are shipping pets as air freight you will be required to arrive at the airport even earlier than is usually recommended, so plan your moving day schedule accordingly. If your mover or an agent affiliated with him is expected to pick up your cargo at the airport, you, or a representative on your behalf, will be required to meet them there, so take this factor into consideration when you make your flight reservations.

…and when your goods have arrived:

  • If your movers are expected to unload your belongings, you must make yourself available throughout the unloading process. The movers are bound to have questions about the exact location of each of your boxes and items, and your assistance will therefore be required.
  • Note any damage or loss of items immediately upon their delivery. Any report of damage should be specified on the inventory sheet, and your mover should be notified at once.
  • You will be required to pay your mover upon delivery of your belongings, so make sure you have the agreed upon amount available with you.

Leaving your familiar home behind and moving into a new place of residence within a matter of hours or days could be a confusing and nerve wracking experience. You and your family may need time to adjust, but if you turn the move into a fun and exciting adventure for everyone involved, your new abode will become a HOME in no time.

By following this guide, moving day will hopefully be easier to handle. Contact your NYC Mover for additional tips and advice.

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