Online Moving

Online Cost Estimates

Before actually relocating to or from New York, it's worth considering a few online moving services you can benefit from. These initial online steps better prepare you for the big moving day.

Prior to choosing a mover, you can ask for online moving estimates . These estimates are based on the total weight of your belongings and the size of your home, as well as on the distance you plan to move. You are required to provide these various parameters once you fill in your request, and an online calculator will supply a cost estimate.

Survey of Household Goods

Remember that the online estimates are only a preliminary step intended to help you plan your move. Under no circumstances should they replace the mover's actual inspection of your house and belongings. Prior to settling the terms and conditions of the move and prior to signing the Bill of Lading, your NYC mover must survey your household goods. Based on this inspection, an estimate will be offered to you, whether binding or non-binding.

Preparing an Inventory

Taking an inventory of your belongings is essential before submitting an online moving estimate request. Both the inventory and the additional online calculations will assist you when you purchase your moving insurance, particularly when you and your mover decide upon the moving company's liability coverage.

Online Request for Packing Supplies

You may also submit an online request for packing supplies, whether you plan on doing the packing yourself or whether you want your mover to do it for you. Your inventory will help you determine both the number and size of boxes you need.

Remember, online moving is another means of ensuring your relocation runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

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