Moving Announcements

A move can detach you from life as you know it, but there's never good reason to leave all you knew behind. You wouldn't want to cut your family, friends, and business contacts out of your life just because you moved, as well you shouldn't. In fact, to keep those ties strong long after you've moved, you need to work even harder at maintaining them. And informing your contacts of your change of address is as good a way as any to start.

Keep in Touch

If you took the time to read your mover's guide, you'd know that one of the first things you have to do when starting a new life in a new place is to pick up where the old one left off. And that means reaching out to your contacts by making a few moving announcements to let them know where you've gone.

Thankfully, snail mail, phone calls, and personal visits are no longer your only options – not with more convenient alternatives made possible by the Internet. Online moving announcements are quick, effective, and hassle-free ways to inform old acquaintances of the new developments in your life.

Much like several New York moving (and greeting card) companies, Mover New York has various moving announcement templates you can use to spread the news of your move to your personal and professional contacts.

Show of Respect

No matter what template you decide on, make sure that you send out your moving notifications as early as possible to avoid confusion or offending any of your contacts – which is bound to happen if they find out about your move before any of your relocation announcements get to them.

Remember, announcing your house moving plans is a courtesy to the many people in your life. And with Mover New York's moving tools, you can grant them that respect.

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