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New York City movers specialize in home and office moving. When you choose a professional to help you with your relocating, you can rest assured that your belongings will be in good hands. There are, however, some items that require special attention when being transported. Cars, boats and large animals such as horses are cases in point, and you must select the most sensible and reliable moving transport for them.

Decide whether you would like your New York mover to transport them, whether you would like an expert moving service to help you out, or whether, if possible, you simply prefer to carry these and other similar items yourself.

Don't forget to insure your special cargo

If you have particularly large and valuable items to transport, make sure they are properly insured. These items can be damaged or stolen, and you want to ensure you are protected against any unfortunate accident. When using an expert NYC mover specializing in boat or car moving, you may need to ask for supplemental insurance as the one offered by moving companies usually does not suffice.

Checking out your mover's registration details

Find out whether your expert mover is legally registered with the relevant official authorities. Auto moving companies and boat movers, for instance, should be licensed by the US Department of Transportation or by the Interstate Commerce Commission Motor Carrier (ICCMC).
In case of horse moving transport, make sure your carrier is registered with Interstate Commerce. Once you have your mover's registration number, you can find out more about the moving company in question, even by conducting online research.

Transporting special cargo

You may choose to have the NYC mover transporting the contents of your home also move your special cargo. Although this is a feasible option, it would be preferable to check out an expert mover. Transporting your car with your New York moving company is much more expensive than if you ask an expert mover to do it. Boat moving companies may be better equipped to transport your freight in their special trucks or trailers.

Likewise, you may prefer to have a horse transporting company carry your animal on their trailers, if you are not used to doing it yourself. Consult with your mover about the required documents and health certificates that should be presented as you move across states or countries with your animal.

Moving and relocating is not just about the contents of your home, but also about the precious items that you keep outside your house.

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