Horse Moving

Exceptionally noble animals, horses must be treated with great care and respect when we move. As is the case for all our beloved pets, moving could be quite stressful for horses, and it is up to us to make this experience as easy and as smooth as possible for them.
There are basically three options for horse moving: by air, land or with the expert assistance of a horse transportation company.

Transporting Horses as Air Freight:
If you plan on transporting your horse by air, find out which airline accepts horses as air freight. Your NYC movers can help you out in your choice of airline. For your horse's safety, and in order to save you a great deal of hassle, it is preferable to place your horse on a direct flight to your final destination. As per airline regulations, you will be required to place your horse in a suitable stall. Moreover, your horse will have to undergo various health checks and inspections before being transported to your new location. You will be required to provide the necessary certificates attesting to your horse's health, and present them upon arrival to your destination. If you're moving within the USA, bear in mind that representatives of the Department of Agriculture are liable to conduct inspections at your destination point, and your horse's health certificates should therefore be available to you at all times. To find out the specific animal health requirements in your new location, be it in the US or overseas, contact your veterinarian or the consulate and embassy of the country you are moving to, respectively.

Driving Your Horse to Your New Location:
If you're moving locally or across state, you may choose to tow your horse in a trailer behind your car and drive to your final destination. It is recommended to have some previous experience in driving with a trailer before you embark on this journey. If you are required to make overnight stops, you should do so in a place which has a stable or other suitable lodgings for your horse in its vicinity or, alternatively, in a hotel which will allow you to leave your trailer in the parking area for the duration of your stay. All overnight arrangements and bookings must be taken care of well before your scheduled move. Remember to feed your horse regularly and to clean its stall while you're on the road. Before leaving, ask your veterinarian to provide you with your horse's health certificates, and find out the specific animal entry requirements of the state you are relocating to.

Using Horse Transportation Services:
You may decide to have your horse hauled by a professional horse transportation company. Before you make your selection of company, however, make sure it upholds certain standards of service. Primarily, the company you are entrusting your animal to should have the horse's best interests at heart, with the ultimate goal being its safe delivery to the required destination. To this end, your horse movers should be equipped with adequate trucks, trailers and stalls which can not only withstand the distance, but which, more importantly, can accommodate your horse comfortably and safely. The drivers accompanying your horse should be professional horsemen, who can care for your horse and provide it with all its needs. Find out in advance whether your horse is one of many horses hauled together. It is preferable to hire a company who delivers only a small number of horses at a time, making it easier for the movers to give each horse the required attention. Lastly, make sure your horse transportation company is registered and licensed to operate by the Department of Transportation. The DOT's seal of approval is further attestation to a company's professionalism and reliability.

Whichever mode of transportation you opt for, remember to purchase adequate insurance before you move your horse.

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