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Relocation Services

New York movers typically offer extensive moving services. A reliable NYC carrier can get the job whether you need help with packing, loading, hauling, and storing, and whether your move is local or international, residential or commercial. With the assistance of able professionals like Mover New York, Moving Day can actually be a pleasant experience.

Full or Partial Moving Service

When availing of moving services, you have two options: full or partial. If you need help with everything from packing to unpacking, we at Mover New York can assist you from start to finish. But if you only require assistance in one area, like shipping, you can have us haul your belongings after you've packed them yourself. Simply choose which among our services best suit your means, and we'll be happy to provide them.

Last Minute Moving

Mover New York provides express services to furnish your last minute moving process at fair pricing. Don't let emergency stress take hold of you, instead receive your free moving quote today and let Mover New York move you ASAP to your complete satisfaction. Even if a local electrician needed - we will be more than happy to recommend one for you

Know Your Moving Rights

As part of its relocation services, a dependable mover must thoroughly explain the moving process to its clients and make sure that they are aware of their consumer rights.
Mover New York does this by providing you with either of two informative booklets: “Your Rights And Responsibilities When You Move”, compiled by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), and the “Summary of Information for Shippers of Household Goods”, prepared by the New York State Department of Transportation.
You'll receive the former if you're planning interstate relocation, and you'll get the latter if you're only moving within the state of New York. These pamphlets encompass virtually every aspect of your move, and discuss important issues such as liability coverage, property damage, and insurance claims.

Your NYC Mover

As your NYC moving company, Mover New York will also provide you with various relocation services and helpful tips for adjusting to life in the Big Apple. If you require storage services in your new location, we can help you with those as well.
Remember that moving and relocation are inextricably intertwined, so we can still assist you even after we've delivered your shipment. Contact us for more information about our New York moving services.

We urge you, please- whenever our movers call the intercom- open it as soon as you understand it is us. This will help us finish the job faster, and in a smooth way.

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