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Our priceless art objects are our treasured possessions. A painting, a sculpture, a rare antique: they are a joy to look at and are often precious for sentimental reasons, as well. Think of the immense value of a painting that has been in your family for generations. We always take great pains to ensure these valuables are not damaged in any way - and even more so when we're moving. We are entrusting our valuables to perfect strangers, and rely on them to deliver them safely to our new destination.

Our choice of moving company should never be made hastily. Cautiousness and prudence are doubly important when we are shipping off precious cargo. When selecting an NYC mover, you should pick a company which specializes in moving art and antiques, in addition to standard household goods. Before deciding on a moving company, make sure your prospective candidates provide maximum protection for your belongings in every stage of the relocation process - from the packing, to the moving vehicle and the storage facility.

Your NYC movers are professionals when it comes to moving art and antiques. We do our utmost to ensure yours is a safe move. To begin with, we assign you a personal art advisor, who, after conducting a thorough inspection of your valuables, plans and coordinates every aspect of the upcoming move. Your advisor will be at your disposal throughout the move, ready to answer any of your questions and to alleviate any concerns you may have.

Packing is something we at Mover NYC take very seriously. We know your artwork is expected to withstand a long journey – sometimes even across continents – and we strive to deliver it unscathed. Comprised of such protective materials as polyethylene, foam rubber, felt and cushioning material, our custom made crates are designed to keep your valuables safe at all times. Our professional movers are highly qualified when it comes to packing artworks, making sure each and every one of your items is packed and placed safely within its designated crate.

Transportation mode is a significant aspect of the move which should be carefully considered when you're shipping works of art. Mover NYC boasts a fleet of climate controlled vans, which are outfitted with air-ride suspension. Varying in size, our vans are fit to haul both a small and large shipment. Whether a local, long-distance, transcontinental or even an overseas move, Mover NYC vans and their expert drivers are equipped to deliver your goods to the required destination.

If you opt for air transportation, your mover will make all necessary arrangements with the airline to ensure your precious items are placed safely in the assigned area on board the plane. Our affiliate movers in your final destination will arrive to the airport and pick up your cargo on the scheduled date.

Remember that when transporting artworks overseas, you are required to present various documents and paperwork for customs. Your NYC Mover will be happy to assist you in the preparation of the necessary forms.

Do you need short or long term storage services for your precious works of art? Your NYC moving company will deliver the items in question to a state-of-the-art storage facility, designed to hold your belongings and keep them in mint condition for the duration of the storage period. All storage facilities are fireproof and climate-controlled, and are outfitted with sophisticated, technologically advanced security systems, including surveillance cameras and access control devices.

To further protect your move, Mover NYC will offer you extensive liability coverage. It is, of course, highly recommended that you purchase additional insurance, which will cover your precious items both while in transit and while in storage.

Whether you are an avid art collector, a gallery owner or a museum curator shipping off artworks to a local or international exhibition, you can rest assured that Mover NYC will take care of each and every one of your exquisite, priceless items. With art movers NYC, your Picasso, Dali and Rodin are in safe hands.

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