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Moving-related stress involves many factors. The anxieties of relocation and the adjustment to new surroundings, along with the numerous details associated with the move that need to be taken care of on time, all contribute to our stress.
Particularly nerve-wracking is the obvious concern for our household belongings. Regardless of the transportation mode – be it truck, boat or airplane – we will do our best to ensure that our valuables are protected throughout the move and that they reach the point of destination unscathed. Wouldn't it be extremely reassuring to know that, at least as far as your cargo is concerned, you really have nothing to worry about? When you opt for full-service moving you can definitely put your mind at ease.

Choosing the full-service moving option basically means that you entrust your belongings to the professional care of your mover, from start to finish. Your mover will pack, load and haul your belongings to your new destination, and unload and unpack them upon arrival.

Before you make your choice of mover, you should know that hiring the services of a full service moving company is likely to take its toll on the overall moving cost. Indeed, the extent of your mover's involvement in the moving process affects the price. In addition to the hourly or weight-based rates charged for local and interstate moves, respectively, and the distance factor which also has direct bearing on the moving cost, a full service moving quote is also determined by the particular moving services you would like your mover to perform. If you require packing and unpacking assistance, for instance, you will be charged accordingly.

Bear in mind that the time of year is also a crucial factor when opting for full-service moving. Summer months are an extremely busy moving season. Being very much in demand, the full-service mover you hire will most probably not be open to negotiation on the price.

But don't be intimidated by the price factor. Remember that full-service moving saves you a great deal of the hassle usually involved with relocation. With your movers in charge of packing, for instance, you can rest assured that your household goods, particularly fragile and delicate items, are placed safely and securely inside the boxes and crates. And when you arrive at your new location, and are both flustered and confused by the events of moving day, think of how helpful it is to have your movers unload and unpack for you, and literally take a load off your hands.

If you rent a moving truck and decide to haul your belongings on your own to your new destination, you will most probably be required to obtain suitable permits and licenses. Moreover, driving a large vehicle to unfamiliar surroundings can be quite a challenge, not to mention the additional burden of finding a convenient parking place, hopefully as close as possible to your new place of residence. A professional full-service mover, on the other hand, will take all driving-related challenges in stride.

Lastly, remember that when your movers pack and haul your belongings, they also offer you adequate liability coverage. If, on the other hand, you do your own packing and driving, your movers' liability for any damage sustained in transit will significantly diminish. What may seem like a cost-effective solution to begin with may end up being much more expensive in the long run.

A full-service move is a worry-free move! For more information, contact your NYC Mover.

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