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As every piano owner knows, a piano is a fine and delicate instrument, with very specific maintenance requirements. While it should always be handled with care, extra special attention is called for when moving. Although you may be reluctant to entrust your piano to a professional mover, remember that it is the safer way to go.

Knowing how to move a piano requires skill and experience. The piano is not just a particularly heavy item; indeed, despite its weight, which may reach up to a thousand pounds (455 kg) if it's a grand piano, this formidable musical instrument is comprised of a delicate and fragile inner mechanism, which is liable to be severely damaged if the piano is not handled properly. With their know-how and adequate piano moving equipment, piano movers will get the job done safely.

To facilitate the process and to provide maximum protection to your piano, your NYC mover uses professional tools for the job. Covered with blankets, the piano is strapped to a piano board. When hauled across a level surface, the piano is placed on a small wheeled platform known as dolly.

If your apartment is located on the first floor of the building, your piano will be maneuvered slowly and carefully down or up the stairs. If your movers are required to move your piano to or from higher floors, they normally lift or lower it through a window with the help of a crane. Prior to the scheduled move, make sure that all windows and stairways in your old and new locations are wide enough to fit the piano.

At times, even a particularly short move – within the same building or even within the same apartment - merits hiring a professional mover. The corner of a room or a sharp turn in the stairway can be hazardous when it comes to piano moving.

Piano moving costs are usually quite considerable. The size, weight and distance of the move are all factors which affect the price. When moving long distance, it is highly recommended to ship your piano along with the rest of your household goods. Not only will the total cost be lower, but delivery time will be faster, as well: when you hire a mover to strictly haul your piano, your instrument will not actually be shipped until the container heading to your destination is full. The move, however, will not be delayed once the rest of your valuables take up the container space.

Costs augment when it comes to international moving. In addition to the actual price of the move, which includes shipping fees and insurance premiums, you are required to pay import duties and taxes once your piano arrives at its overseas destination. The overall duty sum is based on your piano's value and varies from one location to another. Bear in mind that the shipper's overseas agent will not deliver the piano to your house before the duty is paid. If you are not present at the port when the shipment arrives, it will go into storage until duty is paid, either by you or by someone on your behalf.

When it comes to pianos, storage is not a recommended option. Placing your prized possession in a less than optimal environment could prove detrimental to the instrument. Still, sometimes storage is not a matter of choice but rather of necessity. If that is the case, make sure you find an adequate storage facility, which is either operated by or affiliated with your mover. The storage unit or space you are allocated should be big enough to accommodate the piano, with a sufficiently large door, and should not be located on an upper level. Your assigned cubicle should be heated to a minimum or, better yet, should be unheated altogether.

Don't proceed with the move before you are properly insured. All the details of the move – including insurance and liability – should be agreed upon and determined between you and your mover before the contract is signed. It is highly advisable to take pictures of your piano prior to the move and immediately upon its arrival, just in case any damage has been sustained during transit.

Asking for references and referrals from friends and family members who have had their piano moved in the past is a good way to find a reliable NYC piano mover. Your mover will help you out with the various details of the moving process, and will do his utmost to ensure your piano arrives in one piece to your new location.

So even if you're worried now, with a professional New York mover taking care of your piano, you'll soon be playing a different tune…

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