How to Pick a Mover

Picking a mover is a serious decision which you are required to make well before you embark on a moving project. The success of your move is very much determined by the NYC mover you choose. So, how do you go about making your decision? How do you pick a mover?

To begin with, it is worth remembering that, ideally, you should find a mover about 4-8 weeks prior to the expected moving date. Before checking out potential moving companies, there are some preliminary measures you should take which could help you in your selection. First of all, compile a list specifying each and every item you plan on shipping. This list will enable the mover to work out an estimate, and to calculate in advance how many employees will be required for the job, as well as plan ahead for any special packing and transportation requirements. Consider which moving services you'll be needing – whether just hauling or packing and storage, as well. Also, take the time to find out whether there are any particular physical and geographical constraints in your point of origin and destination and along the way. Narrow roads and buildings with no elevator service are cases in point. Make sure you disclose this information to the movers you speak with, as this, too, will affect your cost estimate.

Your choice of mover should obviously be based on the cost estimate. Don’t make a final decision, however, before receiving several cost estimates from different moving companies. After you've compared the various offers you'll be able to pick the mover that best answers your needs in terms of price and service. A mover that will not perform an onsite inspection of your belongings but rather settle for an online request, is someone you should definitely rule out. In addition, it is imperative that you find out in advance the extent of your mover's liability coverage. Don’t settle for an offer which is not proportional to the value and weight of your cargo.

It is highly recommended to choose a company that is both licensed and insured. While unlicensed movers may offer you cheaper services, you should bear in mind that their standards of safety and service are not as exacting as those of licensed moving companies. For moves inside New York, your mover should be licensed to operate by the New York State Department of Transportation, and for interstate and long distance moving, by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMSCA). It is also advisable to find a moving company which is a registered member of a national moving association such as AMSA (American Moving & Storage Association). Membership in a national organization is further proof of a mover's high standards, and it is an official address to turn to if any unforeseeable problems come up. If you wish to find out whether complaints by unsatisfied customers have been filed against a particular moving company, you can contact your local Better Business Bureau and make the necessary inquiries.

Asking for references and referrals from previous customers is always a good idea. Learning about someone else's successful - or unpleasant - moving experience could be quite instructive. True, not all moving and relocation experiences are the same, and while your specific moving requirements may be completely different from those of your friend's or family members', recommendations could help you out when you make your choice.

Don't hesitate to ask moving representatives any questions which you deem relevant to your move. To make a sound decision, it is crucial that you accumulate the pertinent facts in advance.

…And now that you have picked your mover, you're all set to go. Contact your NYC movers for other helpful tips.

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