Choosing a Moving Company

Since moving and relocation typically equates to a lot of stress, you'd want to hire a dependable New York City mover to lighten your load – in more ways than one. But would you know how to go about finding one?

Quality moving companies in New York can't be found simply by flipping through the phone book, unless you have lady luck rooting for you. The odds are that you'll end up with perennial bottom feeders if you insist on dialing a random number.

Yes, there's a chance that you'd call the perfect moving company for you even with a haphazard approach, but if you want to be absolutely certain that a reliable NYC mover will be there to help come moving day, you're going to need to follow a few steps.

Word of Mouth

Never forget to ask for recommendations. The input of family, friends, and even old contacts who have gone through a move in the past year can point you in the right direction. It doesn't matter if their experiences with certain moving companies are bad or good; what's important is that they give you a good idea which companies are best avoided or worth chasing after.

And since you're already in the process of interviewing, you should also consider asking realtors how their clients fared with the local moving companies. Though they didn't experience the house moving services of these companies firsthand, they should still have some interesting stories to tell.


Once you finally whittle down your list of options and finally get to talk to the representatives of the companies on your short list, make it a point to ask two things: (a) if they are part of an accredited moving association, and (b) if they have any references. If you're content with the answers they give to these questions (and you're content with the credibility of their references), it's safe to say that you've found some quality candidates.

That's not all you have to know about them, though. You also have to know all there is to know about their relocation services, particularly if they can do everything you need to have done.

If you need help with packing, cleaning, and/or storage in addition to home moving, then make sure that they provide those services. And if you're certain that you'll need them to rent or supply you with moving equipment and supplies, see to it that they can do that as well.

Just because a company offers superior moving services in New York doesn't mean that those services suit your specific needs. Base your choice on the specialized NY moving services it provides, not on its overall reputation.

Winner's Bid

One last thing before you choose between your prospective movers: get some estimates. Price should never be your main or only consideration, but it should always be a factor in your decision. If two moving companies are in a virtual deadlock for first in your eyes, finding out how much they charge could finally help you crown a winner.

Open Challenge

Follow these steps to the letter, and you'll surely end up hiring your ideal moving company. You're more than welcome to put Mover New York to the test. You might find that the best moving company for you is already right in front of you.

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