Moving Complaints

The New York moving process isn't perfect; as pessimistic as it sounds, there may come times when you deem it necessary to file formal moving complaints. Whatever the case may be – whether your movers were careless, there was an unavoidable accident, or you simply fell victim to moving scams – you should know how to go about filing moving company complaints so that you can be reimbursed.

Make Haste

Call your mover the minute you decide to file a complaint. Even with a period of nine months to file claims, it's always better to inform movers in New York about problems as early as possible. Your case may well turn out to be one that's easily resolved, saving you and your company from the trouble of handling a formal complaint.

In case your company insists on going through all the red tape, it has 30 days to give you a response, and 130 days to decide whether to accept or reject your claim.

Don't expect your mover to feel obligated to reimburse you regardless of the nature of your complaint. For you to have a legitimate shot at reimbursement, you have to prove that the company did, in fact, do something wrong.

Look over your terms and determine whether or not your mover is liable for any losses, damages, or additional fees that you have had to deal with over the course of moving in NYC. Offer proofs like inventories, photos, and your bill of lading to back up your claim.

Notify Authorities

If you feel that your mover refuses to take responsibility in spite of ample evidence that supports your claim, don't hesitate to contact any relevant authorities that could aid your cause. The Department of Transportation, the Office of the Inspector General, and of course, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration are all good places to start.

Take Caution

It goes without saying that you don't want to have to file any complaints against moving companies in the first place. As such, you have to choose your moving company well. Take the time to learn of their reputation in the home moving industry and find out all you can about their relocation services. Well-respected moving companies like Mover New York will give you little, if anything, to complain about.

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