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Moving can be a costly affair. Besides the basic cost factors – be it hourly rates, total shipment weight and volume, or the distance of the move – the relocation price increases with each additional service you ask your mover to perform. Accordingly, the cost will significantly decrease once the involvement of your moving company is reduced.

To alleviate the financial strain associated with the move, you can opt for the do-it-yourself moving option, in which you are in charge of every aspect of the move, and rent a moving truck from your NYC mover for hauling your belongings yourself.

Saving you the bother of the drive, self-service moving is a relocation option which constitutes a practical and convenient alternative to both full-service and do-it-yourself moving.

Indeed, the idea behind self-service moving is that you do everything – except drive. After you pack your belongings, your mover brings a trailer or van to your house, and you are required to safely load everything onto the moving vehicle. On the agreed upon date, your self-service mover arrives at your house and drives the van to the required destination. Once you've unloaded your boxes and unpacked them, your mover returns to pick up the van.

When opting for self-service moves, you basically pay for the van space you use, which is considerably cheaper than the cost of full-service moves. In addition to the obvious financial advantages, there are additional benefits to self-service moving: To begin with, you are in control of your packing and loading. You decide where to place each box on the moving van. Moreover, rather than confronting the hassle of the drive yourself, you are entrusting your valuables to a professional driver who will expertly deliver your cargo to your new address, no matter how long or convoluted the drive. Any special permits or licenses that you would have been required to obtain before driving a rented moving truck are already held by your experienced driver.

Bear in mind that if you do decide to go for a self-service move, there are a few steps you should take before embarking on the moving process. Make sure you know how to pack properly and safely, particularly if you have fragile or delicate items on hand. You can purchase moving boxes and supplies directly from your mover. To ensure you do not exert or strain yourself, as well as to maintain the safety of your items, learn how to properly carry and load your stuff onto the truck. Remember that your NYC mover will be happy to provide you with an informative moving guide and with helpful tips for every stage of your relocation.

As always before a move, it is imperative that you purchase adequate insurance. Your mover will offer you liability coverage, but it will most likely only apply to the goods while they are in transit. You should ensure your valuables are fully protected throughout the entire moving process. Discuss this matter with your NYC Mover.

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