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Whether you're moving to a neighboring city, across state lines or overseas – relocation is all about change and adjustment. After the flurry and excitement of the move have died down, you and your family are faced with the challenge of getting used to life in your new surroundings. To make this process simpler and much more enjoyable, your NYC mover can recommend the professional assistance of relocation experts, whose settling in services will allow you to quickly and successfully adjust to life in the Big Apple.

Settling in services specialists provide help and guidance with regard to almost every aspect of residential relocation. Following are some prominent examples:

  • Getting Acquainted with the Big Apple:
    Whether you've moved to Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, the Bronx or Brooklyn, you will undoubtedly want to familiarize yourself with NYC and with the myriad options and attractions this amazing city has to offer. Your settling-in service experts will be happy to sign you up to exciting and informative orientation tours of the city.
    If you're moving from overseas and require English lessons, you can join an immersion program that will help you both learn the language as well as acquaint yourself with local culture.
  • Getting Your House Ready:
    Before settling in a new house, there are various essential domestic services that should be set up. These include: connection of household utilities and appliances, hooking up your cable TV and connecting and activating your phone. Your relocation experts will be happy to connect you with top local service providers with whom they are affiliated. Settling in services are also of great help if you require furniture rental solutions for your new place of residence. Do you want your home to be thoroughly cleaned by a professional cleaning company before you move in? And for that extra measure of safety, why not have all window and door locks re-keyed by a qualified locksmith? These and other settling in services will be taken care of by the recommended relocation experts.
  • Bureaucratic and Administrative Assistance:
    When arriving in a new city, state or country, there are various bureaucratic and administrative tasks that need to be taken care of. As part of their settling in services, your relocation experts provide information and assistance in all these technical matters. Services include, but are not limited to, the following:

    1. Assistance with opening bank accounts
    2. Providing information on local health-care providers for the entire family: doctors and clinics, dentists and veterinarians.
    3. Assistance with auto and driver's license registration.
    4. Helping you out with post office related procedures, namely address change, forwarded mail, etc.

    Your settling in services providers will be happy to help you out with any other bureaucratic matter.

  • School Registration:
    Children usually have a tough time leaving behind their friends and classmates. It's up to you to make their transition to your new location as smooth and as enjoyable as possible. To this end, you can consult with an educational expert who will assist you in your choice of schools. From the type of schools in your new destination, to their respective curricula and entry requirements, your consultant will accompany you in every stage of the registration procedure, and will even arrange visits in prospective schools.

There are many other issues that your relocation experts will be happy to assist you with. Contact your NYC mover for additional recommendations and tips on the very best settling in services.

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