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Storage is a practical solution which is not only available to you when moving. Clearly, when we're relocating and are left with numerous items which we can't transport to our new abode or office, storage is the perfect answer for our needs. But what would you do if you're remodeling your home and find you need a place for temporarily holding your belongings? And what if you're compelled to cut back your office space, but simply cannot dispose of some extremely important documents? In these and other circumstances, storage is a convenient solution to opt for.

The self-storage option is a solution which is becoming increasingly popular with both private and commercial clients. Self-storage is all about convenience, as you, in fact, have complete and total control over your stored goods.

To begin with, you pick out a storage unit which best suits your specific needs, and which is big or small enough to accommodate your goods. Aside for a few basic limitations, you can store practically anything you wish. Most self-storage facilities prohibit the storing of food and other perishables, flammable, toxic or hazardous materials and chemicals. You can store your goods for either a limited or an indefinite period of time.

Moreover, since you are given a key to your particular storage unit, you can access your stored belongings at all times, and even add or remove items if you need to. Since most self-storage facilities are open 24/7 all year long, you can arrive at the facility at a time which best suits you. For maximum convenience, it would be advisable for you to find a self-storage facility which is located in the vicinity of your home or office.
These conditions are markedly different from the rules and regulations you are required to adhere to when you hire the services of a storage company or warehouse, whereby accessibility to one's items is subject to a prearranged meeting with the warehouse operator, and sometime even to an additional fee.

Bear in mind that part of the 'do-it-yourself' nature of the self-storage facility means that you are responsible for delivering the goods to and from the storage facility. If you would like a professional movers to assist you with the packing and hauling, some facilities will be happy to provide moving company recommendations and even sell you moving supplies.

Before placing your goods in the self-storage facility, you will be required to sign a contract with the facility operator. The contract will specify the rental fees you are asked to pay, as well as the additional on-site services which have bearing on the total cost. Read this document carefully before signing it. Make sure that the minimum rental period is explicitly stipulated, as are the required notice periods. Self-storage facilities should be flexible when it comes to removing your stored goods, and you should therefore not be liable to additional fees if your decision to take out your valuables is somewhat spontaneous. These various details should be clearly determined before you make your final choice of self-storage facility.

Even though self-storage grants you almost total control over your stored possessions, there are some unfortunate incidents which you will not be able to prevent. Damages, burglaries or floods may take place. It is therefore crucial that you purchase insurance for your goods. Although self-storage facilities often include insurance coverage in their rental fees, it is usually not sufficiently extensive. Your homeowners insurance may answer your needs, but double-check it first. Whatever insurance option you go for, make sure it applies if you decide at any point to add or remove items from your storage unit. Some self-storage facilities may ask to see proof of your insurance before you sign the contract.

A pivotal factor in your selection of self-storage facility should be the on-site security measures. The nature of your stored items and your financial considerations will undoubtedly determine your choice. If you're storing particularly valuable items or confidential documents, do not settle for a facility which does not operate sophisticated security measures such as a CCTV system or surveillance cameras.

Self-storage facilities offer climate controlled units, designed to hold even the most sensitive office appliances and electronic equipment.

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